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We help you to break FREE from Anxieties, Self-sabotage, Fears and help you to become
the Best Version of yourself!

Stop being mediocre and start upgrading your
Love-Life NOW!

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The 5-Step Closer Transformation Method


We will help you to identify and eliminate your limiting beliefs, mental blockages, unconscious self-sabotaging habits and help you to establish a Winner Mindset so you get the success you deserve.

Fashion & Style

We will help you to find your perfect and unique Fashion & Clothing Style that fits your personality so you can maximize your looks and masculinity to make amazing first impressions and become confident and expressive!

Game & Social Skills

We teach you a simple Step-by-Step System so you have everything you need to know to attract Hot girls into your Life! We help you to built REAL Confidence and Charisma so you become a naturally attractive Alpha Male.

Lifestyle Design

We help you to design your Dream Lifestyle & Social Circle so you can create a Lifestyle of Health, Wealth, Travel and great meaningful Relationships! You will have the confidence to follow your mans mission to create a successful future for you and your loved ones.

Your Dream Girl

We help you to find out what kind of Girls you want and which ones are fitting the best for you and your desired lifestyle! You will be able to meet, date & keep the most beautiful, most intelligent and most feminine women out there.

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Who is this for?

The Closer Transformation Coaching Programs are for you if you’re a professional, entrepreneur, or successful business owner with a burning desire to build your Dream Social & Dating Life.

Most Men that seek out our help are struggling with:

overcoming shyness & social Anxiety

Building an Elite High Status Social Circle

Meeting & dating attractive high quality Women

Creating meaningful relationships with ambitious People

Running your business without sacrificing your social life

having fun, lighthearted, fun & flirty conversations with women

Living up to your full potential and designing your Dream lifestyle

How I went from Total Loser to world traveling Player...!!!

Story Phil 1
Story Phil 2
Phil Heitlinger_my Story_women

I was raised in a religious household on a small Farm in the middle of nowhere in Germany.
I was taught that there is scarcity of money, women and possibilities. My Mum always
said: dont get attention, don´t talk too loud, be friendly, be nice,…

I didn´t have any Self esteem, I hated my looks, my short height and my Circumstances. 
I was a complete Nice Guy and People pleaser: Shy and introverted with massive
social anxiety and I felt inferior to everyone around me.

My entire Teenage Years I was an Outsider, bullied and disrespected by my „Social Circle.“ They 
called me Albino because of my white Skin and bullied me because of my height! I even got
Fake Tans because I thought that looks is the only thing that matters 
for women!

I was invisible to Women, addicted to Porn, Cigarettes, Weed and Alcohol until I was 19!
I pedestalized women, I was friendzoned, lonely, hearthbroken, frustrated, depressed!

At one point I just had enough! I could not take it anymore! I made a Decision and a Comittment to change my entire Life and I wanted to have it all!

The Money, the Women, the Lifestyle, the Business, the Social Circle, the best Food and my Dream body! Nothing less would satisfy me and I said I am going to do whatever it  takes to get it!

I knewI have to learn from the best and If I want to live a great life I will have to learn
Sales, Game & Social Skills so I designed my Life around this.

I constantly stepped out of my Comfort Zone! I travelled to more than 50 Countries,
lived in Australia, Poland, Mexico and Thailand. I was broke in Vietnam
and homeless in Australia with zero Money in the Bank.

I quit University and asked my Dad for 10,000 USD to invest in myself! I read hundreds
of Personal Development Books, bought Courses and Workshops!

I worked as a Club & Party Promoter in Spain and in Bulgaria for 3 Years and I sold Party tickets to 1000´s of People, brought them into Nightclubs and on Party Tours.

I approached 1000´s of Girls, got rejected too many times and I learned my Lessons.
I mastered the Art of Sales, Communication, Influence, Charisma, Confidence and Persuasion!

I changed my Mindset, my Fashion, my Style, my Body Language, the way I think and how I speak! I hit the Gym hardcore and I learned Kung Fu when they locked down everything!

I´ve slept with women from all over the world and I´ve build a worldwide Elite High Status Social Circle of masculine Men and feminine Women!

I live with Purpose on tropical beaches around the world and I do not have anyone telling me what to do! I date Models, Instagram Influencers and Women that everyone wants.

On my Journey I had countless Set Backs and Emotional break downs but I always got back up!  Working on my Dating Life brought up all my Problems, insecurities, flaws and short comings so I could fix them!

If you want to date the hottest women out there you have to become a real Man! You have to strategically build your Value, your Confidence, your Charisma, your Body, your Game, your Social Skills, your Lifestyle, Your Social Circle, your brand and your Legacy!

You need to find your Mission and Purpose to become the Best Version of Yourself!

My Mission is to help you to break out of the Social Conditioning to escape the Matrix so you can
become a confident, charismatic, high energy, happy Men that is living life on this terms!

Coaching Programs we offer:

Online Mentoring Program

Online Video Training
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Audio / Video Analysis
In Person Training
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How I transform my Clients Lives...!

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